domingo, 5 de abril de 2009



Marcia Santos . Melody [myspace]
Marcia Santos . A pele que ha em mim [myspace]
Erica Buettner . Time travelling [myspace]
Will Cookson . Bedtime charm [Songs for a sunday - 2008]
Woodpigeon . Home as a romanticized concept where everyone loves you always and forever [Songbook - 2006]
Butcher Boy . Anything other than kind [React or die - 2009]
Pinback . Tripoli [This is a pinback - 1999]
Damien Jurado . Dimes [Caught in the trees - 2008]
Cass McCombs . Twins [Sacred heart single - 2005]
Stereolab . Transona five [Mars audiac quintet - 1994]
Section 25 . Friendly fires [Always now - 1980]
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart . Everything with you [The pains... - 2009]
Yo La Tengo . Little honda [I can hear the heart beating as one - 1997]
The Jam . The eton rifles [Setting sons - 1979]

3 comentários:

dj duck disse...

Meu Caro Ricardo,
numa tarde como esta não podiam faltar os yo la tengo.Sabes quando a Marcia vêm ao Porto?Ou Quinta vou ter que ir a Coimbra...
dj duck

ricardo jerónimo disse...

Acho vais mesmo ter de vir a Coimbra...

L disse...

Nice mix - thanks a lot for this.