domingo, 1 de novembro de 2009


Laura Gibson
Come By Storm [Beasts of Seasons – 2009]
The Accidental
Dream For Me [There Were Wolves - 2008]
Ghost Life [Upper Air – 2009]
Long Haul [Raised By Wolves – 2005]
Little Joy
No One's Better Sake [Little Joy – 2008]
Concrete Seconds [Blue Screen Life – 2001]
Butcher Boy
You're Only Crying For Yourself [React Or Die – 2009]
Vampire Weekend
Horchata [Horchata (single) – 2009]
I Love You [I Love You EP – 2009]
The Bicycles
No One Can Touch You Now [Oh No, It’s Love – 2008]
The Cave Singers
Dancing On Our Graves [Invitation Songs – 2007]
George Harrison
Let It Down [All Things Must Pass – 1970]
Darling [Album – 2009]
Pere Ubu
Untitled [Terminal Tower - 1985]
TV On The Radio
Blues From Down Here [Return to Cookie Mountain – 2006]

4 comentários:

franksy! the awesome wife disse...

e eu nas procissões...

dj duck disse...

Little Joy Dezembro em Lisboa!

ricardo jerónimo disse...

Fran... as procissões não têm podcast, por isso, fizeste a escolha certa!... ;)

Duck... sim, foi por isso que me lembrei de os voltar a passar por aqui...

franksy! the awesome wife disse...