domingo, 3 de janeiro de 2010


Ian Archer
To Mend and Move Along [To The Pine Roots – 2009]
Taken By Trees
Greyest Love of All [East of Eden – 2009]
I'll Be On The Water [Akron/Family – 2005]
DM Stith
Thanksgiving Moon [Heavy Ghost – 2009]

Radar Bros.
Distant Mine [Radar Bros. – 1996]
Reindeer Section
If There is I Haven't Found it Yet [Ya’ll Get Scared Now, Ya Hear! – 2001]
Mexican Kids at Home
One Day Older Than Today [Recycled Songs For a Happy Environment EP – 2009]
The Just Joans
Hey Boy… You’re Oh So Sensitive [Hey Boy… You’re Oh So Sensitive EP – 2008]
Sons & Daughters
Awkward Duet [Love The Cup EP– 2003]
A Certain Ratio
Strain [The Graveyard and The Ballroom – 1980]
Ghost Mouth [Album – 2009]
Atlas Sound
Walkabout [Logos – 2009]
Whirring [Kids Aflame – 2008]
Art Brut
Twist and Shout [Art Brut vs Satan – 2009]
Milk It [In Utero – 1993]

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Amigo Ricardo,
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