domingo, 18 de julho de 2010


Nils Frahm
Body [More Bells for You – 2009]
Heather Woods Broderick
The Colors [From The Ground – 2009]
I Don't Know if She Had Any Teeth Because She Never Smiled [The Way to Bitter Lake – 2005]
Paperback Bible [Damaged – 2006]
Un Puñado De Coincidencias... [Restos de un Incendio – 2002]
I Am Oak
On Trees and Birds and Fire [On Claws – 2010]
Tap Tap
Dirty Sky [On My Way – 2009]
E-Bow The Letter [New Adventures in Hi-Fi – 1996]
The Shins
Turn On Me [Wincing The Night Away – 2007]
Race Horses
Pony [Goodbye Falkenberg – 2010]
The Drama You've Been Craving [Dig Me Out – 1997]
The Soft Pack
Parasites [The Soft Pack – 2010]

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