domingo, 28 de março de 2010


Ressaca em forma de mixtape de Primavera...

Noah and the Whale
The First Days of Spring [The First Days of Spring - 2009]

Every Single Spring [The Locksmith Cometh - 2007]

Tom Waits
You Can Never Hold Back Spring [Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers, & Bastards - 2009]

Stephin Merritt
In The Spring, When I Was Young [Showtunes - 2006]

Scott Walker
Come Next Spring [Scott 2 - 1968]

Old Jerusalem
Dayspring (Go to Sleep, Now) [The Temple Bell - 2007]

Of Montreal
Springtime is the Season [Cherry Peel - 1998]

The Good, The Bad and The Queen
Nature Springs [The Good, The Bad and The Queen - 2007]

Spring-Heeled Jim [Vauxhall and I - 1994]

Spring Hall Convert [Cryptograms - 2007]

The Springfields
Sunflower [One Two Twee - 2004]

Magical Spring [Carnival of Light - 1994]

Blonde Redhead
Spring and By Summer Fall [23 - 2007]

The Brakes
Spring Chicken [The Beatific Vision - 2006]

The Lemon Drops
I Live in the Springtime [Crystal Pure: The Collection - 1985]

The Rapture
The Coming of Spring [Echoes - 2003]

Birds Are Indie
Love Birds, Hate Pollen [Love Birds, Hate Pollen EP - 2010]

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