domingo, 16 de maio de 2010


Em final de Queima, mixtape com tendências pirómanas...

Let Men Burn Stars [Before The Dawn Heals Us - 2005]
Jonathan Wilson
Your Ears Are Burning [Frankie Ray - 2007]
Iron & Wine
Burn That Broken Bed [In The Reins - 2005]
The Black Heart Procession
Return To Burn [The Spell - 2006]
Little Wings
I Won't be Burned [Discover Worlds Of Wonder - 1999]
The Legendary Tiger Man
Someone Burned Down This Town [Masquerade - 2006]
St. Vincent
Paris Is Burning [Marry Me - 2007]
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
Mama, Won't You Keep Those Castles In The Air And Burning [Some Loud Thunder - 2007]
The Shaky Hands
Sunburns [The Shaky Hands - 2007]
Talking Heads
Burning Down The House [The Best Of: Once In A Lifetime - 1992]
The Earlies
Burn The Liars [The Enemy Chorus - 2007]
Burnt Orange Peel [One Foot In The Grave - 1994]
Chad Vangaalen
Burn To Ash [Skelliconnection - 2006]
We The People
You Burn Me Up And Down [Mirror of Our Minds: Best Of - 1998]
The Stranglers
Burning Up Time [No More Heroes - 1977]
Man Or Astroman
Nitrous Burn Out [Is It...Man Or Astroman? - 1993]
The Deadly Snakes
Burn Down the Valley [Ode to Joy - 2003]
Essential Logic
Aerosol Burns [Rough Trade Shops: Post Punk - 2003]
Dreams Burn Down [Nowhere - 1990]
Howlin' Wolf
Natchez Burnin' [Rockin' Chair - 1962]

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