domingo, 30 de maio de 2010


Ned Collette + Wirewalker
Mr Day [Over the Stones, Under the Stars – 2009]
This Frontier Needs Heroes
Firefly [This Frontier Needs Heroes – 2009]
Jens Lekman
Do You Remember The Riots? [When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog – 2004]
Jim O'Rourke
Don't Make Me Over [All Kinds of People Love Burt Bacharach – 2010]
Damon & Naomi
Judah and the Maccabees [With Ghost – 2000]
The Clientele
The House Always Wins [The Violet Hour – 2003]
Pit Stop (Take Me Home) [Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By – 2001]
Flaming Lips
Powerless [Embryonic – 2009]
Radar Brothers
And the Birds [The Illustrated Garden – 2010]
The Morning Benders
Promises [Big Echo – 2010]
What Remains [Total Life Forever – 2010]
You Can Read… [If You Missed The Last Train – 2010]
The Futureheads
This Is The Life [The Chaos – 2010]

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